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■ Insulating oil tester(Custom-built)

We are specialized in the facilities and equipment of electrical insulation oil. We are the manufacturer of the gassing tendency tester which meets the requirement of ASTM D2300B and also the breakdown voltage tester, power factor and resistivity testers are also listed in our inventory.
Our design of electrical insulation oil purifiers includes clay treatment and demoisturizing process are very efficient and effective for removal of the impurities from the insulation oils. We can fit the design to meet the customers’ needs so that it’s always derives the customers’ satisfaction.

■ Item : Gassing Tendency Test Equipment

■ Figure

■ Standard

1.Power supply: 220V /50~60Hz
2.Output voltage: 12,000V Max.
3.Short-circuit prevention
4.Gas-flow velocity : 0~100ml/min
5.The analogue display device is a standard for the supply voltage indicator. When low DC voltage is required, the digital display device can be adapted and the voltage stability is better.
6.It consists of two internal electrodes, three cells attached to external electrode and three burettes.
7.All electrodes and electric wires are manufactured with high voltage insulators.

■ Features

1.Measurement done according to ASTM D2300B or KS or JIS (equivalent to ASTM D2300B)
2.The automatic H2/N2 supplier will bring safety.
3.The automatic temperature controller is equipped.
4.It is easy to wash the detachable electrodes and burettes.

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