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PVC additives : Viscosity reducer, Dispersant

- Viscosity-reducing & dispersing effects
- Mixed with other materials in the PVC wallpaper production process
- Monthly production capacity : 1,000 ton/mo. Min.

Product Appearance Ingredients Special features Packing MSDS Catalogue
  PVC plastic sol-type viscosity reducer Excellent performance Enhanced workability 175kg DM/1MT IBC DM - -
Dispersant Slightly
  PVC plastic
200kg DM/1MT IBC DM - -

- Special considerations for the selection of PVC viscosity control agents/dispersants : distinctive quality of each PVC resin, application methods, physical properties of finished goods, working environment

Item Viscosity control agent Dispersant
Synthetic leather, conveyor belt, screen printing ink, carpet tile, dipping, tapolin, casting, flooring material, UBC/sealant, PCM paint, rotational molding, wallpaper Organic/inorganic pigments, flame retardant, foaming agent, filler, ZnO etc.
- Excellent effect in broad range of shear strain
- Reduction in the amount of primary plasticizer use
- Reduction in adhesion on surface
- Increase in the amount of filler use owing to the excellent effect of viscosity reduction
- Decrease in the chronological changes in storage
- Enhanced impregnation on non-woven fabric or glass fiber
- Applicable in various processes
- Hydrocarbons and the derivatives of organic acids reduce the PVC sol viscosity
- Wetting and adsorption of the viscosity control agent molecules to the surfaces of other particles reduce intermolecular attractions to prevent re-coagulation and maintain viscosity stability and storage stability of the system
- It is advantageous for enhanced flowability/saturaton to use in combination with viscosity reducer and dispersant
- Improved electrostatic repulsion/steric hindrance through adsorption of the dispersant molecules to the surface of various materials
- Re-coagulation, phase separation and deposition prevented
- Storage stability maintained
- High affinity to solvent stabilizes dispersions
- Reduced color separation
- Improved flowability
- Solid particles disperse in the same viscous condition
- Decrease in dispersing time
- Enhanced productivity
- Color differences reduced in each batch process
- Short color-mixing time
- Enhanced color grading and hiding power
- Improved storage stability resulting from uniform viscosity in the batch process

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