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We provide the stable supply of the glycerine products at the most suitable price with required quality to meet customers' requirements since we have wide and close connections of both domestic and overseas glycerine manufacturers.

CAS No. 56-81-5 HS No 152010
Name GLYCERIN(E) Chemical formula C3H8O3 ; CH2(OH)CH(OH)CH2OH
Molecular weight 92.09 Melting point(℃) 17.8
Boiling point(℃) 290 Specific gravity 1.261
Flash point(℃) 160 Vapor pressure 3.18

Item Type 1 Type 2
Appearance Colorless, transparent,
odorless, viscous liquid
Colorless, transparent,
odorless, viscous liquid
Color(APHA) 20 Max. 20 Max.
Acidity Alkalinity(meq/100g) 0.3 Max. 0.3 Max.
Density(20℃,g/cc) 1.257 Min. 1.2456 Min.
Assay(%) 98.5 Min. 94.0 Min.
Residue on
0.05 Max. 0.05 Max.
Saponification equivalent
3.0 Max. 3.0 Max.
Reducing substances Passed Passed
Water(%) 1.0 Max. 5.5 Max.
[KS M 2707]
■ Main uses

1. Food additive
- food, solvent, flavoring, snacks and ice cream

2. Industrial and others
- Cosmetic, cigar humectant, PPG, tooth paste, printing ink, raw material for polyurethane/nitroglycerine, and various industrial raw material

■ Products : Glycerine products are used in the whole industry, such as detergents, rubbers and plastics.

Product Description Appearance Packing Unit Etc.
GLY-400 Refined glycerin 94.0% Clear Liquid 200kg Drum / Tank lorry Domestic/Imported
GLY-410 Refined glycerin 95.5~96% Clear Liquid 200kg Drum / ISO Tank Domestic/Imported
GLY-500 Refined glycerin 99.0% Clear Liquid 200kg Drum / ISO Tank Imported
GLY-510 Refined glycerin 99.5% Min. Clear Liquid 200kg Drum / ISO Tank Imported
※ According to the customers' requirements, various glycerine products are supplied as well as the products above.

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